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Adrien Balducci


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With over a decade of experience living and working in Phuket, Adrien, the co-founder of Phuket Property Group and Orchard Villas, has earned a notable reputation and cultivated a vast network in the local real estate scene.

Adrien is devoted to offering comprehensive guidance and expert advice, leveraging his extensive knowledge and connections. Whether you’re in the market for a residential property or exploring commercial investment opportunities, he is dedicated to understanding your specific needs and finding the perfect property to match them.

His profound knowledge of the Phuket market enables him to effortlessly navigate its complexities. Adrien has a natural grasp of the varied property landscape and is adept at evaluating market trends, ensuring you are equipped with current and pertinent information for well-informed decision-making.

You can be confident in Adrien’s commitment to client satisfaction, making him an ideal partner in your real estate endeavors. He will utilize his experience, esteemed reputation, and extensive network to guarantee the success of your property search, aiding you in discovering the property you’ve been seeking.

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