Phuket Map


On this page, we aim to provide a clear explanation of the different administrative districts in Phuket for visitors and residents alike. It can often be confusing to understand the geographical boundaries of Phuket’s three main administrative areas, known as Amphoe or districts. If you are looking to buy or rent a property in Phuket, knowing which district you will be staying in can be helpful.

The three main administrative districts in Phuket are Mueang Phuket, Kathu, and Thalang.

Mueang Phuket is the capital district and covers an extensive area that includes Phuket Town, Chalong, Rawai, Nai Harn, Karon, and Kata. This district is the most densely populated in Phuket.

Kathu is the smallest of the three main districts and is situated on the west side of the island, north of Karon. It includes Patong, Kamala, and most of the Kathu Valley in the central part of the island.

Thalang is the largest district and covers the northern border of the other two Amphoe, extending all the way to the Sarasin Bridge. It is also the least densely populated district in Phuket, cutting the island in half with the other two districts situated to the south.


Phuket is divided into three main administrative areas known as Amphoe, which are then subdivided into a total of 17 sub-districts or Tambon, as well as nine municipalities or Thesban.

  1. Mueang Phuket, the capital district of Phuket Province, has eight sub-districts or Tambon, including Talad Yai, Talad Nuea, Ko Kaeo, Ratsada, Wichit, Chalong, Rawai, and Karon.
  2. Kathu district has three sub-districts or Tambon, which are named after Kathu, Patong, and Kamala.
  3. Thalang district has six sub-districts or Tambon, including Thep Krasattri, Sri Sunthon, Cherng Talay, Pa Khlok, Mai Khao, and Sakhu.

Moreover, each sub-district and municipality is further subdivided into a total of 103 villages or muban, which can be useful for locating specific areas or properties within Phuket.

Understanding Phuket’s administrative divisions can be useful for visitors and residents alike. Whether you are looking to purchase a property, rent long-term, or simply explore Phuket’s different areas, knowing the breakdown of sub-districts, municipalities, and villages can be a valuable reference.